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of the world.



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Dutch Treffen Photos - link on the news page



The Cagiva 'Fant Mission - to herd together @ the 2007 Austria Meeting/Treffen

The new meeting details are expected to be released in Oct 2006 so check back then on this item.

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Pre Elefant Treffen meet.

For those who are interested there are a number of us meeting at the Rocchetta campsite in Cortina d' Ampezzo from the evening of 11th June. We will be leaving the campsite on the 15th Friday morning taking a scenic route to the treffen. The co-odinates for the campsite are (long. 12 0803, lat. 46 3121) so join us if you fancy a few days riding in the Dolomites.


This website is intended to give a common connection  and platform to the many 'Fant riders' throughout the world. As time goes by I realise how widespread the 'Fant's are and how much enjoyment (tears) we get from them.

It must be said that a lot of co-operation exists between the elefant community and we all try to help where we can. if you would like to be a part of this please either join the server list or drop me a line.

Are there any of you that would like an email address with your name where the word  in brackets is. <name>@elefantriders.com  ? If so please contact me.

Make sure that you go to the News Page and put this web site on top of your favourite's list. Last updated 31/01/2011


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